Guide to the Human Genome
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Frequently Asked Questions about Guide to the Human Genome

What is Guide to the Human Genome?
Presenting the genes of the human genome in their biological context, Guide to the Human Genome is an extensive resource that provides easy access to information about human genes and their roles in specific processes. With numerous illustrations and tables, each of the nearly 300 sections of the Guide describes genes involved in a specific pathway, process, or structure´┐Żfrom the molecular and cellular levels to developmental and physiological processes. In the online version, available at, these sections contain links to more information about proteins encoded by more than 17,000 known or predicted human genes. For each protein, basic characteristics about its composition and length, its human relatives, its relatedness to proteins in other species, and direct links to resources at NCBI are included. Additional links to NCBI resources are provided for human noncoding RNAs and repeated DNA elements and for proteins of interest from other species. The entire text of the Guide is searchable, and tools are available for identifying human protein sequences using those from other species. The Guide will be useful to researchers looking to connect sequence data with functional information, and it can be used in parallel with traditional texts in undergraduate and graduate courses to provide a genomics dimension and the experience of identifying genes underpinning processes of interest.

Who is the author of Guide to the Human Genome?
Stewart Scherer received a BS in Biology from Caltech in 1977 and a PhD in Biochemistry from Stanford in 1982, and then returned to Caltech for postdoctoral work. From 1986 through 1996 he was in the Microbiology Department of the University of Minnesota. While at Minnesota, he spent time working at the LBL Human Genome Center. Since leaving Minnesota, he has focused on bioinformatics, both in industry and in the analysis of the Candida albicans genome. After lecturing on genomics at Caltech in 2004, his efforts have centered on writing about the human genome.

How do I purchase the Guide?
Guide to the Human Genome can be purchased here.

How is online access administered?
Access to Guide to the Human Genome is controlled via IP address for institutions and by username and password for individuals.

Will access to the Guide expire ?
The one-time purchase includes perpetual access to the current edition of the Guide.

Whom can I contact if I have additional questions about the Guide?
For questions, to order, or to request more information please contact Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press: E-mail: cshpress{at} Call: 1-800-843-4388 (Toll-free in the continental US and Canada)

What is your return policy?
Purchasers of individual articles are assured satisfaction or their money will be refunded.

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